Therapeutic Massage in Pagosa Springs


Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage

Heavy pressure, this deep massage relieves muscle tension and releases knots. This relieves joint compression which is a major cause of PAIN. Helps bone on bone pain and Arthritic pain. It stimulates the Lymphatic system which helps the body to flush toxins and promotes flexablity and stimulates the healing process. This massage is an effective therapy for back pain, Sciatica, Tendonitis, Arthritis and much more.

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Swedish massage in Pagosa Springs

Light to medium pressure, this massage technique incorporates long connective strokes with muscle kneading that melts the tension away. Long being the gold standard of massage, Swedish massage is definitely a good choice for a 1st timer or someone familiar with day spa treatments.

Sports massage

Medium to deep pressure, this massage technique incorporates stretching with vigorous fast pace massage. The massage incorporates stretching, myofacial release and facial restructuring and is designed to get the athlete his or her full range of motion with all extremities. It promotes smoother joint movement by removing minor adhesions and promotes proper joint compression for smoother joint performance. Great for all athletes whether training or recovering from events.


Cranial Sacral Therapy

A gentle manipulation of cranial bones to promote smooth flow of cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) throughout the vertebral column and brain. Using pressure roughly the weight of a nickel, to adjust cranial plates .1mm to 1mm for optimum CSF circulation. This basic Cranial protocol includes several body diaphram releases as well as cranial releases. This therapy is effective for Migraine headaches as well as a variety of nerve related problems. It can have a positive impact on body, mind and spirit. Cranial Sacral Therapy has been know to precipitate body unwinding, release of suppressed emotion and deep relaxation. Client is fully clothed lying face up during therapy.

Spa Body Work

Hot Stone massage

Enjoy the relaxing warmth of hot stones gliding down your muscles, melting away muscle tension and soreness. This Swedish massage therapy in Pagosa Springs utilizes hot stones and all natural oils to relax and restore the body. Oils to choose from are Jojoba or Coconut.

Aromatherapy massage

Light to medium pressure, this massage uses base oil mixed with an esssential oil or oil blend, to enhance the massage experience. Essential oils have been used for thousand of years to treat illness. When combined with massage the healing effect is magnified. Enjoy the selection process with your therapist as he guides you in selecting your essential oil or blend with custom massage techniques.

Essential Oil massage

This spa treatment is similar to Aromatherapy massage and uses customized essential oil blends from Oil Lady. These Oil Lady blends are especially formulated to treat disorders in your energy centers or Chakras.This aroma therapy deeply relaxes the body and mind, healing spiritually as well as physically.Then the client is blind folded and makes his or her selection based on their own olfactory response, which is what the body wants.The top smelling blends are selected for spritizing and massage. The therapist starts with client face up, spritzing aroma therapy to begin relaxation. Massaging the head and face followed by a full body Swedish massage using the selected Chakra healing blend. In the tradition of Ayurvedic medicine, we end the massage with hot towels to clean and refresh feet, hands and face. Very relaxing and rejuvenating for both body and soul.

Hot Oil

Light to medium pressure, this massage uses heated oils to perform Swedish massage. Client can choose from traditional draping, European draping or the recommended half body draping which adds to the masssgae integration and connectivity. Hot oils are slowly distributed and liberally applied to entire length of the body. This instantly relaxes your skin. This allows the first layer of stress to melt away during multilayer approach tor relaxation. Oils to choose from are 100% pure Jojoba oil or 100% pure coconut oil. Very relaxing massage that enhances the

Energy Bodywork


A Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) technique, that some people describe as acupuncture without needles. Light healing touch which promotes smooth flow of Chi through out the body's energy pathways, or meridians. The therapist begins by examining the bladder meridian, whose points are a window into that meridian's health. Each meridian is associated with various organs and body subsystems, The physical and energetic status of these sho points, indicate the health and function of the meridian. The therapist can determine which meridians need therapy and apply the appropriate acupressure release or acupressure massage.

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Traditional Japanese massage incorporates rhythmic alternating pressure following the meridians of the body. This massage is based on TCM, but adopted by the Japanese and made their own. Shiatsu incorporates passive stretching, acupressure and massage techniques. The massage increases energy and focus by stimulating the flow of chi throughout the body. The client leaves with muscles relaxed while the mind is fully alert.

Chakra balancing

The client is face up and fully clothed during this therapy. In the tradition of Arvedick medicine we start by cleaning the feet and hands. Using a crystal pendulum the therapist checks the clients chakras noting any deficiencies, stagnation or blockages, resolving these issues by chanting, cleaning crystals and sound therapy.


Reiki therapy 

A traditional Japanese art of healing touch, taps into the universal life force to promote healing, incorporating various hand positions for optimal healing. Promotes harmony in your Chakra's and directs healing energy to the body where it is most needed. Client is fully clothed, lying face up, during therapy. The therapist will access the health of your energy centers by using a crystal pedulum noting deficiencies and blockages. There is a short invocation and prayer to start the flow of healing energy, followed by bio-sen scanning the body to determine health and status of the arora field.