Medical Therapies

Medical Massage –  This massage is a focused manual therapy directed towards a Physiological result. Unlike a regular massage the therapist will usual work on one area or region of the body to help alleviate pain and regain range of motion (ROM). This corrective massage may be called Orthopedic massage or in some instance a Clinical massage. It may incorporate many different modalities utilizing TPT, MFR, MR, Structural integration, PNF and many other massage techniques.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage - This massage consists of five basic, gentle and rhythmic massage strokes designed to remove trapped blood proteins in surrounding cells. If the proteins are not draining correctly, the backup causes pain, swelling, and fluid retention. Although MLD massage can be broken into upper body/ trunk or lower body /trunk the preferred protocol is the ‘Free Flow’ protocol which addresses the entire lymphatic system at once. This protocol stimulates the powerhouse cells (mitrochondria) to assist the replenishing Adenosine Triphoshpate (ATP) which is used to help cells maintain a clean environment.

Peri and Prenatal Massage – This massage is focused on relieving the mother’s pain and discomfort, allowing baby to relax as well. It is performed in the side line position so that baby is supported in a traditional sleeping position and mom can be gently stretched and massaged. Helps to relieve feet swelling and low back pain often accompanied with standing too long.

Cranial Sacral Therapy – A gentle manipulation of cranial bones to promote smooth flow of cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) throughout the vertebral column and brain. Using pressure roughly the weight of a nickel, to adjust cranial plates .1mm to 1mm for optimum CSF circulation. This basic Cranial protocol includes several body diaphram releases as well as cranial releases. This therapy is effective for Migraine headaches as well as a variety of nerve related problems. It can have a positive impact on body, mind and spirit. Cranial Sacral Therapy has been know to precipitate body unwinding, release of suppressed emotion and deep relaxation. Client is fully clothed lying face up during therapy.

Acupressure – A Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) technique, that some people describe as acupuncture without needles. Light healing touch which promotes smooth flow of Chi through out the body's energy pathways, or meridians. The therapist begins by examining the bladder meridian, whose points are a window into that meridian's health. Each meridian is associated with various organs and body subsystems, The physical and energetic status of these sho points, indicate the health and function of the meridian. The therapist can determine which meridians need therapy and apply the appropriate acupressure release or acupressure massage.

Reflexology- Medium to deep pressure, this foot massage technique stimulates reflex areas of the foot corresponding to organs threw out the body. Reflexology promotes a healing response in the organ or body system that needs it. The ultimate in foot massages includes gently massaging the calf followed by foot mobilization techniques before the reflexology begins. Comfortable shorts recommended.

Inversion therapy – Using the best inversion table available (Tetter) perform therapeutic massage on the back. Relieving tension in the multifundi and promoting spinal mobilization. Great therapy after a deep tissue massage.

Bio-Frequency therapy –  Mountain Massage offers Harmonic Zapper therapy in conjunction with herbal therapies using proprietary herbal blends produced by Precision Herbs  to enhance parasite eliminations. Protocols for treating all sorts of parasites, including bacteria, viruses, worms, protozoa, mildews, slime molds, yeast, fungi, mycoplasmas, prions, arthropods, morgons and weaponized viruses and bacteria.

Dr. James R. Overman wrote a book entitled ‘Over coming Parasites Naturally’, and designed a device (now in its fifth generation) to kill amoeba, bacteria, protozoa, viruses, mycoplasmas, slime molds, mildew, spirochetes, Nano bacteria, worms, flukes, as well as destroying prions. The Harmonic Quad Zapper WON’T penetrate the intestinal tract nor the 19 species of beneficial bacteria needed for the intestines to remain healthy. Concerned about parasites inside the intestinal tract?  There are herbal treatments for that.

Do you lack energy? Can’t recover from a chronic Illness? Cancer keeps returning? Parasites MAY be robbing you of a chance for healthy life. The Harmonic Quad Zapper generates low-voltage, harmonic frequencies that kill life-sucking parasites that are keeping you from getting well and staying healthy.

It’s as easy as lying quietly between reflective blankets on a massage table or other flat surface.  You’ll be holding on two covered stainless steel tubes one in each hand, and breathing deeply in a relaxed state for 30 minutes.  That’s it!

Ear Candling – This method for cleaning ears has been around for hundreds of years. Using ear drops to loosen the wax and lighting an bee’s wax cone in each ear, allows gentle heat to remove years of wax build up. Some report better hearing after this therapy.