About Us

Welcome to Mountain Massage, we are located in up town Pagosa Springs in my home on the golf course. Owner and Therapist, Leon Stroman LMT, is licensed in Colorado and was an Board Certified massage therapist and Nationally certified for 10 years. Leon specializes in medical massage, traditional Chinese medicine and healing touch. Leon has been practicing since 2007 and has experience in chiropractic, spa and rehab services. He has taken to heart the Arizona School of Massage Therapy (ASMT) credo ‘Healing the planet one body at a time’.

Leon started Mountain Massage with the idea of providing relief threw his own signature massage, which is called the mountain massage. Leon's signature massage was developed using a firm Swedish for muscle tissue warming an incorporating Deep tissue techniques with a little shiatsu and cranial sacral techniques into a wonderful deep tissue massage The mountain massage was born. This produced our slogan “For a mountain of relief get a Mountain Massage”.

In his drive for excellence Leon successfully completed the National Certification Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork exam shortly after completing school at the Arizona School of Massage Therapy, and has been Board Certified Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork professional for 10 years. He is a professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association since 2007. Mountain Massage Provides Independent contracting services to spa's, healthcare businesses and corporations.

About The Company

There is nothing like a day in the mountains to escape the stress of our busy lives. Lying in the sun next to a gurgling stream induces relaxation and peaceful sleep. Just a little peace and quiet, from our stressful lives is the experience Mountain Massage tries to bring to its clients.

Mountain Massage started with the idea of providing a peaceful atmosphere for relaxation and a unique deep tissue message called the mountain massage, thus the name for his company. This unique massage, his signature massage, was born by incorporating a little shiatsu and cranial sacral techniques into a wonderful deep tissue massage. The mountain massage is offered by special request and is a 75 min massage that promotes spinal relaxation and mobilization while stimulating lymphatic flow. The sequence of strokes, allows the client to achieve deep levels of relaxation.

The goal of Mountain Massage is to provide total care and natural healing to its clients. Leon offers many types of therapeutic bodywork, meeting all the holistic healing needs of all his clients.

Mountain Massage has expanded its services in order to support personal wellness, sporting events, Grand openings, meetings, special events as well as total care for individuals. Mountain Massage provides a large variety of massage services to individuals and groups. For the individual who doesn’t want to drive to our office location, there are many massage and bodywork services available to the client in the comfort of their own home, hotel room, or guest accommodations. For these individuals, Mountain Massage offers mobile massage services.

People are so busy today that they need to be able to enjoy full range of motion without pain. More and more amateur athletes are participating in triathlons, 10k’s, hiking, mountain biking and need massage, just as much as a pro athlete. Mobile massage and office appointments are available from 9 to 9, Sunday through Saturday. Remember for a mountain of relief, get a mountain massage.

About The Therapist

Leon hails from the Land of Enchantment. That’s New Mexico for those that don’t know. Born in Albuquerque and raised in Las Cruces, Leon grew up enjoying the outdoors, backpacking as a Boy Scout, mountain climbing and mountain biking as a young adult. He continues to enjoy hiking and mountain biking.

After years of enjoying the benefits of massage, and the encouragement of friends and family, Leon began his new career by attending Arizona School of Massage Therapy (ASMT). Shortly after completing 800 hour of instruction Leon graduated top 10 of his class. His passion for learning the healing arts led to National Certification and becoming a Reiki Master. During his education Leon discovered he had a talent for energy bodywork, which he continues to develop to this day.

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Leon has demonstrated skills in Eastern modalities as well as a strong foundation in Western modalities. Specializing in orthopedic or clinical massage, he has helped people avoid costly surgeries. Cranial Sacral therapy, Chakra balancing, healing touch and Meridian balancing, complete his ensemble of skills needed for providing total care for his clients. He is dedicated to healing individuals, restoring balance to body and spirit. Healing people gives him great personal satisfaction. In addition to Spa’s, Leon has experience working for medical rehabilitation and chiropractic offices. Leon offers a deep tissue massage that has long lasting therapeutic value. People want relief from nagging repetitive muscle soreness that simply can’t be delivered by a traditional massage.

About Credentials

What is the most important reason for insisting on an NCBTMB certified professional? You are of course. Because weather you’re visiting a massage therapist or bodyworker for relaxation, rehabilitation or rejuvenation you deserve to be treated by a practioner who is skilled and knowledgeable. To become nationally certified, practioners must demonstrate a mastery of core skills and knowledge, pass and NCBTMB standard exam uphold the organizations Standards of Practice and code of Ethics, plus take part in continued education in Alternative medical or Holistic medicine fields. And that’s what the NCTMB credentials stand for. A commitment to excellence.

When all other therapies have failed natural healing touch has been known to promote healing. Reiki therapy is complimentary and often enhances Western medical procedures. An important reason for insisting on a Reiki Master is the ability of a master to apply a broad spectrum of universal energy to the all the body’s Bio electric fields. This higher ability promotes healing of body, mind and spirit.